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Rembember America's “War on Poverty”? Ever wonder how we won it? So do poor people! But it's a fascinating story and we’re going to tell it, in a comically cynical documentary film guaranteedto tick off people on both sides of the argument.

“Eat the Poor” will take a satirical look at poverty in the 21st century– a golden era when the designation “Millionaire,” having lost both its luster and its meaning, needed to be replaced by a new category: the simple yet apt “Super-Rich.”

While exploring the glory of the rich and the plight of the poor, we intend to make some very serious observations in an incredibly reckless manner. And you can help! But more about that later.

In addition to supporting the filmmaking efforts of "Eat The Poor," this website will serve as a clearing house for all things poverty-related. So go ahead and "click" your heads off! Plunge face first into the slushy truth of poverty!

Why is this guy painting a giant 9 on Labor Day? Click the photo to watch our video and find out!

Disclaimer: This website is satirical in nature and naturally satirical.  Although many of the facts, figures, statistical information, and events both current and historical contained herein are true and accurate, "Eat The Poor" also contains elements of parody, including exaggeration and ridicule, regarding events, public figures, corporations, government institutions, and others we find deserving of unwanted attention.  No harm is intended to figures both public and private and/or institutions or corporate entities mentioned herein.
The use of the phrase "herein" herein is hereby acknowledged to be unnecessary and excessive.

A Modest Proposal for a film by Kurt Engfehr and Ken Pisani.
2006 Ken Pisani and Kurt Engfehr.  All rights reserved.
All "Blogging Poorly" posts  Ken Pisani.