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Sure, he got kicked off the air for making the somewhat obvious observation that flying planes into buildings was not, in fact, "cowardly"... but now he's on PAY CABLE!

Click here for Bill Maher's official site

We are all created sort of equal! Except the very very rich, who are even more equal:

The United States of Inequality

Surprise! Hard work and fancy educations don't make you rich, big government policies do:

Frank Rich on Standing Up To The Super Rich

Lost decade discovered! (Now, if only I could locate my missing sock.)

Working Class Zero

Now you too can cherry-pick your theology on poverty just like a Compassionate Conservative! "Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth." (Yea!) "He who loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich." (Nay!) See how easy?

Having their cake and eating it too, the New York Times gets all indignant about the “Income Gap,” and also celebrates the new “Gilded Age.” Hey,who doesn’t like having it both ways...?

Fed up with the poor, tired, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, especially when it’s YOUR oxygen? Turnabout is fair play! Plan your next vacation around a “Poor Tour,” and see how the wretched half lives:

She’s smart! She’s sassy! And for all you haters, her last name has “Reich” in it! Check out Barbara Ehrenreich’s scathingly amusing thoughts on our nutty class warfare. Search her blog for these gems:


Click here: Barbara Ehrenreich

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wonders what Union our president was talking about...? Share the confusion!

Click here to read about our altered State of the Union

Like we told you months ago: John Edwards didn’t want your vote! Now he’s gone and the issue of “poverty” is officially off the table. Back to your hovels, poor folk! When the next president has a crumb for you, he’ll let you know! But don’t hold your collective breath.

Click here for a Huffington post eulogy on Edwards' withdrawal

Bernie Sanders may be rich, but he’s just crazy enough to bite the hand that feeds him. Way back in November of 2006 -- long before the bottom dropped out -- the senator from Vermont knew it was coming: “Let’s end this stupid discussion about how great the American economy is. The economy is a disaster.” Lots more unexpected hand-wringing about the status quo from a beltway insider:

Every Labor Day those white shoes go back in the closet andnewspaper columnists and bloggers across America unite in support of the worker! Then Tuesday, they get back to the business of ignoring them.

The War on Working Americans - Part II. Yes, I know that's backwards... but just like the Godfather films, Part II is better than Part I, which features a lot of talk of Grover Cleveland and World War I and the Great Depression (Steve's blog, not "The Godfather"). But you can always click back to Part I if you're linear. (While we're on the subject, you should never, ever,watch the chronologically-ordered "The Godfather Saga." Ditto "Once Upon A Time In America.")

More whining about CEO pay, income gaps, and “super-earners” (who presumably date only supermodels):

Equal time for the defense of the status quo: The Wall Street Journal writes that having more money wouldn’t make the poor any happier. (How can you argue with an editorial that breaks out scientific “data” like “average happiness levels”?)As good an argument as any to stop lending those helping hands, people! Back off and leave their happiness levels alone!

As if your entire adult life hasn’t been disappointing enough, new data shows you’re not even earning as much as your old man.

This just in from The Heritage Foundation:the poor's "real material hardship" is "limited in scope and severity." Turns out, the poor aren'treally so poor. Whew! What a relief!

Not so fast: Common Dreams debunks The Heritage Foundation's "phony study." Can't we come up with a decent playoff system, like the BCS, to pit these guys against one another for a definitive victor on the issues?

It's easy to see why America's top 1% are giddy, receiving as they have the largest share of national income since 1928! Which, as anyone who suffered through grade school history knows, immediately preceded The Great Depression. Wow, that IS depressing!

The World Bank discovers the power of "intangible wealth"! Now even Godless capitalists can believe in something they can't see or touch!

Click here: The Secrets of Intangible Wealth

Need a laugh to stop from crying? Try HUMORTIMES.COM, it's like Mad Magazine when you were a kid, except your teacher can't take it away from you and tear it in half in front of the whole class!

Click here for Times of a Humorous nature!

Four Loko? Try 8 Sisters... It's like an energy drink, only for your brain, and without the sugar/caffeine/alcohol. Oh, and you will learn cool stuff about Green energy in amusing fashion:

The Joule

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