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Facts, figures, stats, and other hard data on poverty

Defining terms: Click here for US Federal Poverty Guidelines

Boiling it down in Michigan: Click here for the National Poverty Center

You may not count, but they're counting you: Click here for US Census info on income and poverty

You can't argue with facts if you can't find 'em: Click here for US Census fact-finder

Best of times, worst of times: Click here for CNN's Top 10 richest states (and the 10 poor ones to avoid)

Where The Poor Are: US map of poor populations

"Nonpartisan Social Policy"? I'm in!: Click here for The Urban Institute

It ain't Poor Richard's, but it'll do: Click here for Almanac of Poverty Issues

(Is it because they're poor?): Click here for "Global Issues: Causes of Poverty"

More, more, more: Click here for more "Global Issues" poverty facts and stats

Because they CARE, dammit: Click here for The CARE Children and Poverty Campaign

It's free and unregulated, so it must be true: Click here for Wikipedia dictionary on US Poverty

A Jihad against poverty: Click here to see US poverty through the eyes of our "enemies"

They're worth more because they cost more: Click here for AFL-CIO "Executive Paywatch" site

If only the poor had a lobby: Click here for Congressional fundraising figures

H&R Blockheads: Click here for presidential tax returns

Disclaimer: This website is satirical in nature and naturally satirical.  Although many of the facts, figures, statistical information, and events both current and historical contained herein are true and accurate, "Eat The Poor" also contains elements of parody, including exaggeration and ridicule, regarding events, public figures, corporations, government institutions, and others we find deserving of unwanted attention.  No harm is intended to figures both public and private and/or institutions or corporate entities mentioned herein.
The use of the phrase "herein" herein is hereby acknowledged to be unnecessary and excessive.

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